Emissary From Nowhere

(Or Perhaps Just An Emotional Wasteland)

3 December 1987
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My newest fandoms:
Eyeshield 21 (I never thought I'd love a sports manga. I was wrong)
Hellsing (Oh God, the entire cast is made of gorgeous, but my favorites are probably Walter and Alexander Anderson)
Marvel Movies (i.e. The Hulk and Iron Man, though as much as I love Iron Man, where the hell is the Blonsky fic? I mean, come on)

My active fandoms (i.e. I read and/or write in them):
Doctor Who
Kingdom Hearts
Fullmetal Alchemist
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy XII

My mostly defunct fandoms (but I love them anyway):
Pirates of the Caribbean
Casino Royale
D. Gray-man
Samurai Champloo
Dragonball Z
Rurouni Kenshin
Harry Potter
Ouran Koukou Host Club
A Song of Ice and Fire

(Updated 6/25/08): I haven't written anything in ages, but it probably doesn't help that I have an editorial internship that saps my ability to look at the written word critically. I have some drabble stuff half-done, but mostly I've been dinking around with original fiction. For the most part, however, I have been in a very large rut for... God, nearly a year now. It's pretty terrible. If you're going to expect anything this summer, expect fragments of crap, because I think that's all I'm capable of writing right now.

I started on Slayers, and that's actually where I got my screenname (my favorite spells were Gigaslave and Blastbomb). Then I migrated to Dragonball Z for a while, but Naruto is what stuck for a long time. I mostly wrote the sannin and sometimes the Akatsuki, though everyone was pretty much game.

Nowadays I write whatever I feel like, including stuff in fandoms my flist doesn't follow, but. That's how it goes, I guess. I only friend journals that I regularly follow, but being friended is always welcome.