gigabomb (gigabomb) wrote,

Old Springkink Stuff

These are the springkink prompts I signed up to write way back. I actually was supposed to get two more done, but then I took so long that I lost interest. Variable quality.

Final Fantasy X, Auron/Kinoc: Severe Injury - "Facing mortality with a glare"
Word Count: 714

Naruto, Sasori/Orochimaru: Body Modification - "You should try saying 'no' once in a while"
Word Count: 489

Heroes, Mr. Bennet (HRG)/Matt: Glasses - "Just a schlub like the rest of us"
Word Count: 1,052

Kingdom Hearts 2, Xaldin/Xigbar/Xemnas: AU - "What we might have been"
Word Count: 1,383

Final Fantasy XII, Vayne/Larsa: Darkness - "Unquiet dreams"
Word Count: 339

Kingdom Hearts 2, Saix/Xaldin: Blood - "You've got some nerve to come back here/you're not the only one who can smell fear"
Word Count: 1,394

Naruto, Jiraiya/Orochimaru - Blindfolds - "One foot in your bedroom, and one foot out the door"
Word Count: 1,194

Naruto, Itachi/Kisame: Insanity - "One man's genius is another man's insanity"
Word Count: 1,283
Tags: akatsuki, ff10, ff12, heroes, kingdom hearts, sannin
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