gigabomb (gigabomb) wrote,

My entry for naruto100's gender-bender challenge.

Title: The Strawberry Shampoo Incident
Word Count: 258
Rating: PG
Characters: Sound Five, Kabuto

"So let me get this straight," Kidoumaru said after a moment's pause. "You and Orochimaru-sama were working on a way to change someone's appearance without henge."

Kabuto nodded. "That was our goal, yes."

"And then some idiot mixed up the ingredients and caused you to use them in the wrong order."

"Said idiot will be thoroughly punished as soon as we find out who it is, I assure you."

Privately Kidoumaru vowed to not tell anyone about the little prank on what had been thought at the time to be an attempt to make a new brand of strawberry scent shampoo. Ever. "And then the fire was too hot for the new potion, and it evaporated into the air conditioning vents and spread throughout the base."


"And all this happened eight hours ago."

"Orochimaru-sama is still crying in her rooms." Kabuto raised an eyebrow (slightly more arched and delicate than usual, perhaps) as she again surveyed the Sound Five's rec room. "I don't understand. How could you have not noticed for that long?"

Kidoumaru leisurely gave her teammates a once-over. Tayuya was screaming obscenities at a sullen Jiroubou by the television, on the couch Kimimaro was braiding her hair and humming a poem about camellias under her breath, and in the corner Ukon was painting Sakon's nails and lecturing her younger sister about the dangers of not taking proper care of one's cuticles. In the end, the only answer the spider-nin could give was a shrug. "I guess it was because... nothing seemed any different than usual."

Tags: sound
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